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Authentic FlavourArt sweet, savory, and tropical flavor concentrates.Flavors DO NOT contain sugars, protein, genetic modified ingredients, animal ingredients of any kind, preservatives, sweeteners and colors. They are all gluten and peanut free. Great for diabetics, vegetarian and vegans.

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Apple:  A sweet, not so sour true apple flavor.

Almond:  With its classic aroma and "nutty" taste, almond flavoring is sure to bring out the "nut" in you. 

Banana:  This flavor is just as versatile in the kitchen as it is in your e-liquid formula. 

Bilberry:  Will add a sweet and tart berry flavor to your vineyard.  Bilberry is in the same family as the blueberry.

Black Cherry:  Brings a sweet and cherry berry flavor to your vineyard.

Blackberry:  An absolutely unique blackberry flavor.

Cherry:  Bring the traditional sweet and tangy flavor of cherry to your e-liquid mix.

Coconut:  Is thick and rich in flavor with a unique hint of sweetness.

Chocolate:  The rich and comforting flavor of chocolate is sure to be a big part of your e-liquid spice rack.  This flavor is sure to enrich any of your dessert, tob., or soft drink e-liquid recipes.

Concord Grape:  Add the sweet and juicy flavor of Concord Grape to your e-liquid mixture.  Combines the acidic taste of the grape skin with the floral notes of the fresh fruit.

Cream Fresh:  The sweet flavor and feel of fresh cream, perfect to remind you of spring and summer.  It has a very delicate and sophisticated taste that makes you crave some fresh berries to go alongside.  Compliments dessert, fruit, citrus, and mint flavors.  Tastes excellent when spiced up with a hint of vanilla or cinnamon. 

Custard:  A sweet and savory true italian custard which compliments vanilla, spice, and dessert flavors.

Guava:  A sweet fruity flavor with tangy undertones, something like a blend of kiwi and strawberry flavors.

Hazelnut:  Rich, smooth and delicious; use hazelnut by itself or add it to your favorite recipe to even out bitterness.  Try it with chocolate, tob., and coffee flavors.

Honey:  Stick and sweet flavor with floral undertones and tastes great both by itself or mixed with other flavors.  Compliments tea, coffee, tob. and dessert flavors.  Also used to sweeten up fruit flavors like apple and pear.

Irish Cream:  Tasting almond like the real thing, this sweet flavor with a unique kick is perfect for mixing with coffee, butterscotch, and some dessert flavors.

Kiwi:  Sweet and tangy flavor that will add a dramatic tropical pizazz to any recipe.  Kiwi mixes very well with sweet fruit flavors, florals, and desserts.

Lemon Sicily:  Bring the tangy, zesty, slightly sweet flavor of Sicilian lemons to your recipe, or use it by itself for its own refreshing flavor.  Lemon Sicily accentuates the strong overtones of some fruit flavors, compliments soda, and tastes great with desserts.

Lime Distilled:  Compliments fruit, citrus and dessert flavors.  Goes well with cola and some liquor flavors, too.

Lime Tahiti:  Tangy citrus lime flavor, but with a unique fragrant and spicy aroma, use lime tahiti to add some zest to your regular vape flavor.  Compliments fruit, citrus, and dessert flavors.  Also mixes well with rum.

Mango:  Juicy and refreshing sweet flavor that tastes great on its own.  An absolutely real mango flavor that combines the tropical ripeness and full bodied taste of this most tropical of flavors.  Mixed with fruit, citrus, and liquor flavors, mango is sure to provide an exotic feel to any recipe. 

Meringue:  The light and sweet taste of meringue adds a dessert feel when vaped by itself.  When combined with other flavors in your own unique recipe, meringue compliments marshmallow, cream, citrus, fruit, and floral flavors; especially when you add a bouquet of a sweet spice like vanilla or chocolate.  Meringue can also be used to draw some bitterness away from the taste of cola, or to adding a subtle sweet undertone to your favorite tob. flavor.

Oba Oba:  Rediscover your inner child with Oba Oba.  This familiar flavor has a light fruity taste, mixed with citrus, vanilla, and a gourmet taste.  Some even think it tastes like candy and eggnog.

Orange:  Straight from your favorite breakfast to your vaping palette, the sweet and sticky taste of orange is good on its own or in combination with fruit, floral, cola, chocolate and dessert flavors.

Peach:  The sweet and juicy flavor of peach is an ideal starting point for fruit lovers, partially because it tastes great by itself, and partially because it combines well with nearly anything.  Peach compliments cream, fruit, citrus, floral and dessert flavors.

Pineapple:  A delicious tropical flavor known the world over, the sweet and tart taste of pineapple gives your vaping experience a fruity kick when used by itself.  Compliments cream, fruit, citrus, and dessert flavors.

Pomegranate:  Satisfies your craving for its rich, juicy, sweet and tart flavor, but without the need to clean up any of those messy seeds.  Pomegranate is surely worth trying out. 

Raspberry:  Offers a delicious not too sweet and not too tart flavor to your vaping arsenal, with just a hint of dryness.  This flavor is delicious on its own for those days when you aren't sure how much sweetness you want in your fruit vape.  Raspberry tastes delicious with cream, chocolate, soda, fruit and dessert flavors.  A must have flavor for the mix master who wants to add flavor without adding much sweetness.

Strawberry:  World renown strawberry flavor.  With a sweet, semi-tart berry taste, this flavor tastes great on its own , and mixes well with other fruits.

Vanilla classic:  Add the flavor of this classic sweet spice to your favorite recipe, or use it by itself for its delicious, smooth all day vape.

Vienna Cream:  Add the exotic flavor of Vienna cream frosting to your favorite fruit, confection, or dessert flavors.

Watermelon:  Use the juicy and sweet flavor of watermelon to compliment your standard vape, or combine it with other flavors in your very own fruit salad recipe.  Watermelon can be used to compliment fruit, cream, cola.  Mixes well with strawberry.

Yogurt:  Newly revised to be safe for vaping.  A wonderful blend of the creamy and tart noes of yogurt.  Can be mixed with fruits, desserts, spices, and whatever else your heart desires.




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