Capella Flavors - SilverLine Concentrate

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  •  Capella Flavors - SilverLine Concentrate
  •  Capella Flavors - SilverLine Concentrate
  •  Capella Flavors - SilverLine Concentrate
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Authentic Capella flavors 

Capella SilverLine is a line created by the popular and prestige Capella to offer affordability in the assurance of taste!


27 BearsA clear gummy texture with a sweet, sugary taste that will leave you growling for more!

27 FishCatch this red-licorice aroma, jelly raspberry treat. A smooth, sweet, chewy sensation, reminiscent of your favorite fish candy that is sure to compliment your next recipe.

Apple SnacksYour favorite apple cinnamon cereal in a cold bowl of milk, you can taste every detail, from the tiny red specks to the crunchy grainy texture of the loops.

Biscuit: A sweet warm buttery scented biscuit flavor. This new offering delivers a fluffy, smooth taste with a crisp crunch.

Blueberry ExtraSilverline's Blueberry Extra blends so perfectly with creams, candies and pastries, the possibilities are truly endless! For the ripest, most flavorful blueberry out there, pick some Blueberry Extra!

Candied WatermelonThis perfect balance of sweet and tart watermelon will leave your mouth watering for more.

Fruit CirclesIf you love fruity flavors, wait until you taste Silverline's Fruit Circles. You'll enjoy a crunchy burst of morning fruit blended with a distinctive cream. Fresh milk pouring into a bowl of your favorite cereal - yes please!

Crunch Frosted CookieSavory crunch topped with creamy frosting and sprinkles. Soft, buttery and light cookie goodness. 

Cinnamon SugarThe amazing smooth aroma of your favorite hot pastry, just out of the oven, freshly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

MeringueLight and fluffy with the perfect mix of egg and sugar, this is a combination of the soft fluffy meringue on a pie and the airy crunch of a meringue cookie.

Rainbow CandyStraight out of the bag, Rainbow Candy is a flavor fantasy sensation with hues of Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grape, and Strawberry.

Whipped MarshmallowThose who like Whipped cream and marshmallow, get ready for a fantastic new desert combo from Silverline. A gentle touch of marshmallow with a whipped cream bite.


Water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavoring

Made in the USA

PMTA Processed


If you are a wholesale customer looking for Genuine Capella flavors we do not carry, let us know!



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