Rainbow Candy EB

Rainbow Candy EB

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Rainbow Candy EB Disposable Vapes

Reminisce about the taste of childhood with the nostalgic rainbow candy flavor offered by the EB Disposable Vapes collection. These vapes are designed to last up to 5000 puffs, offering you a delicious richness of rainbow candy flavor. For an enhanced vaping experience, PerfectVape offers your favorite rainbow candy EB disposable vapes for purchase. Place an order today and secure your vape at an affordable price. 

Buy Rainbow Candy EB Disposable Vapes from PerfectVape

Rainbow Candy EB disposable vapes are a must-try. At PerfectVape, we have a range of EB vape collections to suit your preferences. We offer you the delightful rainbow flavor in two different EB disposable vape series, including:

  • EB BC5000 ULTRA: This vape features a 13 ml e-liquid capacity with 5% nicotine strength, offering approximately 5000 puffs of dense rainbow candy flavor. The high-quality, polymer food-grade oil conductor and mesh coil in the vape give you pure flavor until your last hit. Powered by a 650 mAh battery capacity and QUAQ coil technology, the EB BC5000 ULTRA is a high-performing disposable vape. 
  • EB BC5000: If you are fond of light puffs, then the EB BC5000 is perfect for you. This disposable vape comes with a 13-ml e-liquid consisting of 4% to 5% nicotine strength. It accommodates a 650 mAh battery, offering you a light yet flavorful vaping experience with approximately 5000 puffs per vape. 

Visit our website to compare products and select the vape that suits your style. Your favorite vape is just a click away.

Affordable Rainbow Candy EB Disposable Vapes at PerfectVape

Get Rainbow Candy EB Disposable Vapes at PerfectVape at an affordable rate. Our EB BC5000 ULTRA disposable vape series is available at $15.99 per piece, while the EB BC5000 series is available at prices ranging from $9.75 to $11.75. Purchase your new vape today and have it shipped straight to your door.