Kanger Battery & Chargers

Kanger Battery & Chargers

Kanger Battery & Chargers

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Kanger Battery & Chargers

Looking for a reliable and efficient battery for your vape? Look no further than the Kanger Evod Charger & Battery. Designed with professional vapers in mind, this product delivers consistent power to keep you puffing all day long. With multiple charging options, you'll never be caught without a fully charged battery again. Say goodbye to low-quality batteries that fail to meet your needs and upgrade your vaping experience with the Kanger Battery & Chargers today!

Great Deals on KangerTech Evod 650mah and 100mah battery    

Kangertech's eVod batteries are available in two wattages. We have a Kanger Evod 650mah and 100mah battery and Kanger Evod VV 1600mAh Battery. Both these batteries are customized for the eVod clearomizer. They are compatible with any eGo threaded atomizer. 

Shipped in the "off" state, these batteries have five-click protection, i.e., they will not function even when pressing the activation button. To activate the battery, you must press the manual button five times within two seconds until you see a white LED flash. You must do the same action again to turn the battery off. This feature protects the battery from getting activated when you do not want to use it. Get yours from PerfectVape!

Buy the Kanger Evod Charger at the Cheapest Price

Looking to charge your eGo threaded pen-style batteries on the go? The Kanger Evod charger is an excellent option. With a USB connection on one end and the proprietary eGo-style connector at the other, you can quickly charge your vaporizer device wherever you are. While this charger is designed primarily for Kangertech EVOD batteries, they are also compatible with other eGo batteries with 310 threading. Similarly, the Kanger Evod eGo Battery 650mah is available at $7.83. The second one is the much larger Kanger Evod VV 1600mAh Battery that we offer our customers at $19.14. With Kanger eVod chargers, you can charge 650, 1000 & 1500 mah EVOD batteries in around 3 to 4 hours. 

Get your hands on the new Kanger Evod charger and batteries from PerfectVape. At incredibly low rates, we offer shipping of all Kanger vape batteries throughout the USA! 

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