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Flavour Art Tob. Concentrate

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Authentic FlavourArt tob. flavor concentrate in 4oz. bottle.


If you are a wholesale customer looking for genuine Flavour Art flavors we do not carry, let us know!


Cowboy Blend:  The taste of the open plains of last frontier, this is a light and dry tob. flavor with a hint of sweetness and an ideal base for developing your own recipes.  Compliments tob. citrus, and mint flavorings.

Dark Vapure:  Strong and dark, with a hint of cocoa.  Use this flavor by itself, or combine it with other flavors to develop your own recipe.  Great to add strength to other tob. flavors, or if you add hints of chocolate, cola, cherry or vanilla to give it a sweeter undertone.

Desert Ship:  Smooth and flavorful Turkish blend.  Used to spice up other tob. flavors, or develop your own unique mix of flavors by adding some spice, herbal or citrus flavors.  Just imagine a ship in the desert and choose some appropriate spices to accentuate this classic popular flavor.

Latakia:  With its strong, smoky, and nottoosweet aroma, Latakia provides a robust pipe flavor.  Mixes well with mints and spices.

Maxx Blend:  rich aroma of a rolling tob. with slight notes of spice.  Complimented with hints of mint, spice, or floral flavors.  Mimics the flavor of the very popular brand starting with the same letter.

Perique Black:  One of the harshest tob. flavors available, has hints of pepper and salsa.  Combine with milder tob., a small amount of mint or citrus flavor, or strong spices.

RY4:  A longtime favorite flavor with a hint of caramel and vanilla.  Slightly sweet flavor that is perfect for an all day vape.  Compliments dark flavors like chocolate, coffee, cola, and even desserts.

Virginia: A veritable masterpiece of flavor design.  Delicate and sophisticated tob. flavor.  Can mellow out the woodiness, or calm down the spiciness of other strong flavors. 

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