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Vape Pod Kits & Pod Mod Kits

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Ready to switch up your vape game? If you're looking for the greatest variety of premium pod mod kits, you don’t have to go beyond PerfectVape!  Like your geeky vape line BFF, we always have your back with brands like Uwell, Vaporesso, and GeekVape. Find the ultimate match for you with our range of starter kits and advanced mods. Stay fresh and in control – with PerfectVape on hand, the bells and whistles are there if you want them!

Buy the Best Quality Vape Pod Mod Kits Online

Our Vape Pod Mod Kits are the newest and most advanced way to experience vaping, and we also offer starterkit vape mods! Perfect for beginners and experienced vapers, our kits offer an unbeatable combination of convenience and quality. Our Vape Pod Mod Kit selection is ultra-slim in design, stylish, and easy to carry so you can take your vape anywhere. The variable wattage feature allows you to customize your vaping experience while a host of safety features ensure you can use your device safely and confidently. Consider the Uwell Caliburn Tenet KOKO Kit or the GeekVape B100 (Aegis Boost Pro 2) Kit as two good examples. With the highest quality Vape Pod Mod Kits available today, you can take your vaping experience to new heights. We guarantee your purchases of the best pod mods and pod vapes will arrive intact, on schedule, and in perfect condition.

Purchase Vape Pod Kits/ Pod Mod Kits At Affordable Prices

The GeekVape B100 (Aegis Boost Pro 2) Kit costs $34.20. The Vaporesso XROS 3 MINI Kit costs $17.47, while the Uwell Caliburn Tenet Kit costs $29.27, Oukitel pod kits cost $13, Voopoo pod kits cost $40.00. Besides quality Vape Pod Kits, you can find everything ranging from disposable nicotine (tobacco or tobacco-free) vapes to e-liquids. Select the ideal Vape Pod Kit from the extensive inventory that we offer. Rely on us to deliver your order in a timely way while also ensuring their safety. You can now shop online for the Best Vape Pod Kits from PerfectVape's vaping products range.

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The average cost of pod kits ranges from $3 to $35 per pod. At PerfectVape, if you opt for Smok Novo 2X Pods 3pk, it'll cost you $8.22 per pod. Similarly, if you like VOOPOO TPP Pod, it costs $15.07 (per pod). The cheapest one is GeekVape B100 (Aegis Boost Pro 2) Pods 2pk, which costs only $4.82. The quantity of e-liquid and batteries (replaceable/irreplaceable) in each device, like Vaporesso or SMOK, is the main element influencing the price of disposable vapes.

Typically a vape pod has a stronger battery and more e-liquid capacity and can last up to 3 to 5 days. But many factors can change the lasting period, like the size/type of the pod and type of e-liquid. If your vape pod is bigger, it will last longer. But it is inconvenient to carry around large ones. Also, thicker e-liquid will last longer than thinner because it vaporizes and atomizes slowly.

A pod vape is an easy-to-use vape system that has a rechargeable battery housing unit along with an oil-filled "pod. For your delightful experience with pod vape, you can simply take out the empty "pod" and replace it with a fresh, fully-filled pod. It has a reusable battery and is portable and practical, like a typical vape pen. You will find pod-based vape systems in various shapes, but some of the most well-liked models resemble small, svelte USB sticks.

Vape pods are very simple to use. You can follow the following steps to use it–

  • Fully charge the battery,
  • Use your preferred e-liquid when using a refillable cartridge,
  • Allow the wick to saturate for 5 to 10 minutes,
  • Securely insert the pod into the container,
  • Turn on the power switch if your model has one and
  • Hold down the activation button on your pod vape while inhaling.

A pod mod is an easy-to-use electronic cigarette. It combines the best elements of both a pod system and a full-sized vape mod. And it gives you the same experience as a full-sized vape mod, but instead of holding its e-liquid in a conventional glass tank, it stores it in a pod. Also, it is a compelling upgrade path for you if you use smaller pod systems and want to enjoy bigger clouds, but full-sized vape mods differ from your interest.

Some of the best vape pod kits are as follows–

  • Smok Novo 5 Meshed 0.7ohm MTL Pods 3 pack - $7.23 ( for a pack of 3),
  • GeekVape B100 (Aegis Boost Pro 2) Kit - $34.20/kit,
  • Smok Novo 5 Kit - $23.97/kit,
  • VOOPOO TPP Pod Tank 2 - $15.07/tank,
  • Uwell Caliburn Tenet KOKO Kit - $29.04/kit,
  • Funky Republic Ti7000 - $14.49/kit. With PodVapes, a single 0.7ml pod delivers around 200 puffs.
The nicotine strength of a pod is similar to that of a standard pack of cigarettes! Your wallet benefits as well as your lifestyle when you use pod vapes.

A pod is a great choice if you are new or want to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. When the pod runs out, you have 2 options: Throw the entire pod away or use a "closed-pod system" with a fixed, non-replaceable coil to replace it with a new pod. Similarly, mod devices are best for vapers who want great flavor and thick, fluffy clouds. For "cloud-chasers," the additional power mods with large batteries enable amazing vapor production from lower resistance coils or below 1.0 ohms (also known as sub-ohm).

If you are searching for the best premium pod mod kits from reputed brands like Vaporesso, Uwell, and GeekVape, choose PerfectVape. You can take your vape anywhere with our selection of vape pod mod kits because they are ultra-slim in design, fashionable, and portable. With great safety features like variable wattage, you use your device safely and confidently, elevating your vaping experience. For example, the GeekVape B100 (Aegis Boost Pro 2) Kit and the Uwell Caliburn Tenet KOKO Kit.