SadBoy SYN Salt 30ml

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  • SADBOY SadBoy SYN Salt 30ml
  • SADBOY SadBoy SYN Salt 30ml
  • SADBOY SadBoy SYN Salt 30ml
  • SADBOY SadBoy SYN Salt 30ml
  • SADBOY SadBoy SYN Salt 30ml
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Tobacco-Free Nicotine

28 & 48mg



SadBoy TFN 100ml


Pumpkin (Limited Edition)

No tricks and all treat with this limited edition flavor. Fall in love with the deliciously spiced taste of pumpkin. It will give you that nice warm feeling of sweet sugary pumpkin topped off with delectable buttery cookie flavors. Enjoy it while it lasts.  


Don’t be blue with this sweet buttery treat. Sweetened blueberries are baked with layers of creamy cookie dough to give you a flavor you’ll want to taste over and over again. You’ll be the cookie monster you’ve always dreamed of with Sadboy Blueberry Cookie.

Unicorn Tears

No unicorns were harmed in the creation of this one of a kind flavor. Unicorn Tears by SadBoy E-liquid is a uniquely crafted blend of sweet and savory flavors with a delectable butter cookie base topped off with a hint of citrus. Your tastebuds will experience pure bliss from each inhale to delicious exhale. Add a little excitement to your vaping routine with Unicorn Tears. 

Butter Cookie

Life is just better with butter, lots of butter. Butter Cookie by Sadboy E-Liquid is a fresh from the oven crumbly butter cookie featuring a sweet golden brown butter flavor base. This rich tasting baked pastry is rounded off with a light lemon zest to balance the satisfying brown butter taste for a satisfying taste every time. 

Shamrock Cookie

Down on your luck? Shamrock Cookie will fix that. Like Sadboy’s Butter Cookie dipped into a refreshingly cool and creamy mint milkshake. With notes of a warm baked butter cookie right out of the oven which gets washed down with a cooling and frosty mint milkshake. 

Custard Cookie

Turn that frown upside down with our delicious take on a creamy custard baked pastry. Taste the sweet and satisfying flavors of fresh baked butter cookies topped with layers of rich and creamy custard. Enjoy thick and creamy custard clouds jam packed with baked flavors to satisfy sweet tooth cravings.

Keylime Cookie

The key to flavor is limes! The mouth-watering and tangy citrus keylime fruit flavor is paired with the creamy notes of a buttery golden cookie crumble crust. The balanced combination of golden sweet crumble and bite of keylime sourness will have you always wanting to have dessert first.



Lemon Cookie

Pucker up buttercup because Sadboy Jam - Lemon Cookie is about to knock your socks off with it sweet lemon jam flavor baked into ooey gooey cookie goodness. This flavor is bound to be your favorite jam.


Get in a jam with Strawberry Jam. Once known as ‘Strawberry Jam Cookie’, Strawberry is a warm and freshly baked buttery sugar cookie flavor topped with a homemade jam spread created from freshly picked sweet summer strawberries. 


Jam out with Blueberry. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Blueberry (formerly known as ‘Blueberry Jam Cookie’ by Sadboy E-Liquid) combines sweet blueberry jam flavors with fresh from the oven butter sugar cookies producing a dessert flavor like no other.



Punch Berry

Give your day a punch of excitement with Punch Berry. A well-rounded flavor with berries, tart lemons, delicious raspberries, and tops all that off with a lip puckering sour taste. The perfect combination of sour and Sweet just like you.

Punch Berry Ice

Punch up the volume with Sadboy Punch Berry Ice. Delivers the delicious flavors of sweet raspberry, zesty lemonade, and sour berries with a hint of menthol for an on the rocks taste sensation.

Rainbow Blood

Rainbow Blood is a blend of tropical rainbow flavors that will fill your blood with all of the happiness you’ve been missing. A one of a kind blend of both popular sweet fruits and exotic fruit flavors.

Rainbow Blood Ice

The taste of Rainbow blood for the cold-hearted. Rainbow Blood Ice features a plethora of fascinating fruits made all the better with the perfect touch of menthol! Giving you everything you love about the original Rainbow Blood with an added touch of menthol.




Turn blue in the face with Happy End Blue, formerly known as ‘Happy End Blue Cotton Candy’ by SadBoy E-liquid. Blue is a delightful spun sugar confection that will delight your taste buds and bring a smile to your face every time you vape. This delicious flavor provides a sweet and smooth vaping experience.


We have just the flavor to turn that frown upside down. Formerly called ‘Happy End Pink Cotton Candy’, Happy End Pink is a delightful spun sugar confection, inspired by a carnival favorite.

Imagine vaping a fluffy mountain of sweet red berry spun sky high on a paper cone. This tasty flavor produces sweet, dense and aromatic vapor clouds with a slight berry flavor you'll love




Start the day on the right foot with Nola - Strawberry (formerly known as Nola Bar Strawnola by SadBoy E-liquid). It’s a tasty vape that blends delicious granola with strawberry and sweet cream to delight your taste buds. This delicious flavor provides a sumptuous and smooth vaping experience that produces dense and aromatic vapor clouds.


Don’t miss the most important meal of the day. Nola - Blueberry, formerly called Nola Bar Berrynola by SadBoy E-liquid is a tasty breakfast vape that blends scrumptious granola with plump blueberries and sweet cream to delight your taste buds. This delicious flavor provides a sumptuous and smooth vaping experience that produces dense and aromatic vapor clouds.


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2 Reviews

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    My favorite juice

    Posted by Danielle Besmehn on 5th Feb 2024

    I've been vaping since it 1st started & I've tried so many different types of juice & now I use salt nic & I absolutely love this juice! The Unicorn Tears & Happy End Blue are by far my favorite! The flavors are so good I don't get sick of them like I normally do with some flavors! They are also awesome mixed together! If you like cotton candy flavor but not over powering the happy end blue is a must try & the Unicorn tears is a light sweet subtle yet delicious one! Perfect vape is my go to vape supply shop just wish shipping was like it used to be & didn't take as long like it does now!

  • 4
    Worth buying

    Posted by Piffuniverse on 27th Jul 2023

    I purchased this because this site does not have One hit wonder rocket man, and I don’t regret it. It’s a fresh strawberry, with under notes of granola/cream on the exhale. Definitely pretty good for the price!

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