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Lost Art TFN 100ml

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  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
  • Lost Art TFN 100ml
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Tobacco-Free Nicotine

0mg, 3mg, 6mg





Beez Kneez - An e-liquid that is perfect for the early riser and breakfast food connoisseur, Beez Kneez is a romance between honey oats cereal immersed in milk. 

Cottontail Cream - Cottontail Cream is our interpretation of fresh-picked strawberries and cream. 

Gummy Glu - Gummy Glu is a melted dream of your favorite gummy candies from your childhood all in one e-liquid. 

Mystery Flavor - We all like surprises! If you are tired of predictability or have tried every other flavor, try out this bold e-liquid. Guessing games have never been more fun! 

OGB - The third rocking flavor in the Slotter Pop line, O.G.B. is a swirl of green apple, delicious orange, and blue raspberry candy flavors. If you’re looking for unflinching flavor, this one is for you! 

PB Krisp - This is the flawless portrayal of your favorite peanut butter cereal, swimming in a bowl of ice-cold milk. 

Slotter Pop - Just in time for a hot day on the boardwalk or hanging out with friends by the poolside, Slotter Pop is an iced berry flavor reminiscent of a summer popsicle. 

Space Rocks - Remember dreaming about landing on the moon or calling an undiscovered planet home? Embrace a mixture of strawberry and kiwi that is reminiscent of pop rocks and intergalactic travel. 

Strawberry Strike - A candied strawberry bubblegum ready for the big leagues.

The Cut - This is no ordinary tobacco e-liquid flavor. Our very first tobacco flavor carries a hint of butterscotch and cream, merging classic flavor with new friends. This is perfect for anyone new to vaping to start the transition. 

The Grape White - You’ll never have to endlessly chase great flavor with the Grape White. This e-liquid is an ocean of white grapes with waves of citrus and candied apples.

Unicorn Puke - A perfect blend of warm summer days with a scoop of rainbow sherbet, Unicorn Puke is for those who love something fun and fruity with a kick. 

Ziggy - As refreshing as a real-life snow cone, Ziggy combines 13 fruity flavors into one insane e-liquid.

Cream - Cream is a sinfully rich blend of strawberries and cream that can be vaped all day without the guilt.

Grape - Candied grapes are kissed with a touch of citrus to offer a delicious bite of flavor

Slotter Red - Deliciously ripe red cherries blended with mixed fruit juices will have your mouth asking for more.

Slotter White - Sweet white slushies take center stage and will remind you of your favorite carnival treat for a wild ride you’ll vape over and over again.

Slotter Blue - Take your vape game to the next level with a blast of blue raspberries and enjoy the winning flavor of candied blue raspberries. 

Space Iced - Your tastebuds will blast off to a world of icy mixed flavors that combine strawberry and kiwi with an added sweetness that just pops. 

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