What's the Deal With Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salts are becoming increasingly popular around the world and they are essentially freebased nicotine in a pure form. The nicotine salts originate from tobacco and are different from traditional smoking. This form of nicotine is delicate and requires benzoic acid to vape, as without this it would not work effectively.

How Do Nicotine Salts Work?

The salts have many advantages for ex-smokers who have switched to vaping instead to minimize the negative side effects of smoking. When vaping liquids that are commonly used in vaporizers, the nicotine effect is not as apparent and does not deliver a sense of smoking to the user and does not densify cravings from smoking cigarettes.

Users who have tried the nicotine salt vape and noticed that there is a nice hit that is smooth and gives them their nicotine fix. Because standard vaporizers taste can be unpleasant but the nicotine salt liquid tastes decent and is not too harsh. The taste has more flavor and enhances vaping throughout the day and makes it more enjoyable.

Why Are Nicotine Salts A Better Alternative Than Tobacco?

The great thing about nicotine salts is that they are reasonably priced and only require a standard vaporizer than a high end one or enhanced tanks/mods. With the right discreet vape pen, you will have a great experience with the nicotine salts and enjoy its benefits. Upgrading to a high-end vaporizer can offer a richer experience but a small vaporizer does work and does what it needs to fore fill your needs. There are different mods as well such as tanks, coils that can be looked into to modify your vaporizer and give it a makeover as well as configure for more flavor and power. Starting out small is always the best option initially and allowing yourself to get used to the device, then upgrade to higher powered devices.

Currently, there are a lot of nicotine-based liquids for vape pens, but they don’t contain a lot of nicotine and finding anything over 24 mg is extremely difficult and the harshness freebase nicotine produces can be strong which is why many are not sold and large amounts of nicotine don’t vapor well. Regardless the nicotine salts are much more vaporized and produce more than standard liquids as well as offering more nicotine content to satisfy cravings.

The smoothness of smoking salts is remarkable and a godsend for anyone weaning off cigarettes or wanting to move away from the generic liquids with artificial flavors and move onto something more authentic in its form but at the same time offering new tasty flavors.

Many companies selling the nicotine salt will combine some flavors that will add to your vaping experience and add some taste; this delivers well as well as producing a lot of vapor.

Where Can I Get Salt Nic Products?

The liquid nicotine salts are sold in many places online and in store, offering a range of different flavours and strengths. It is a perfect alternative for ex-smokers and can also make vaping a lot more fun and enjoyable without being overpowering in taste or effects. For premium nic salt products, you can get them at Perfect Vape at the best prices!

10th Sep 2018 Perfect Vape

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