The Top 5 Trends in Vaping Today

As vaping has grown in popularity, we are noticing the different trends it produces. It is a popular alternative to smoking tobacco because vaping has these flavors. These top 5 trends so far explain the continuing rise and profits of vaping.

One of the biggest vaping trends occurring in today is nicotine salts, which is another type of nicotine used because of the difference in how it is smoked. Traditional nicotine in vaping used ammonia to split the nicotine from the salts in tobacco leaves. Nicotine salts don’t use special chemicals or additives to get out the nicotine. Instead, juice producers take natural salts from the tobacco leaf and just mix it in their juice. The high trend has made businesses like Smok, Sourin, and JUUL make different salt nicotine devices. Salt nicotine allows cigarette smokers to kick tobacco for a better option in smoking, especially since their vape juices are identical to the taste of regular smoking.

Then, we have the continuing growth of regulated mods on the market that are affordable than before. There weren’t many vaping producers in the past; now, the influx of companies now make mods more affordable and easier to make. With these regulated, safe vaping devices, it has become the popular e-cigarette that has made it a competitive market in making the best one for vapers. Smoktech, Aspire, Vaporesso, and others have grown in their production of size, shape, and power as they add other features like memory settings and temperature control. Vape users are also happy with the new vape devices that are more portable than ever. The tools are easier to use and more accessible to new users. Vaping has followed the trends of mechanical mods to high powered devices and now want something compact that gives us the same essential flavor. These new vaping devices have all of what we want that comes with the touch of a button. These pod systems are about the size of a pen with firing powers.

Next, is the trend of higher VG ratios compared to the 50/50 VG/PG ratio at the start. An e-juice with a higher VG was made for those who like to make clouds out of vaping because more VGscan make thicker clouds. Now, it is the standard for a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. More people are learning a lot about the type of big clouds they can vape out; however, the VG also has an impact on the flavor and vape’s feel. It produces an overall smoother taste that is lighter and even with a thicker e-liquid being used. Just be careful how you use it because vape dry hits, where a lack of cloud production, could instead happen.

Finally, there are lower nicotine levels in vaping flavors. As vaping is becoming more normal instead of being a fad, people are vaping that requires a lower nicotine level in each puff. When vaping came around 2014, companies were producing juice with nicotine levels of 24 and 32 milligrams. Now, you can get juice with no nicotine or lowered levels at 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.

17th Oct 2018 Perfect Vape

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