Is Juul Changing The Game? | What Is JUUL?

While a fairly new player in the market, it is remarkable how Juul has quickly become an extremely popular type of e-cigarette especially among young people.

Juul – What It Is And How It Works

Juul was introduced by PAX Labs and first arrived in the market in 2015. Just like any other e-cigarettes, Juul comes with flavored nicotine liquid cartridges and a convenient rechargeable battery.

Juul has simple, smart features and beautiful design as compared to ordinary vapes. It also comes with distinct and incredibly satisfying flavors that make Juul a truly unique smoking alternative for adult smokers.

Juul devices work by heating up a cartridge which contains oils in order to create vapor that will eventually evaporate into the air quickly. Juul devices are small enough to fit in a closed fist. They have a polished look and a tech-inspired design that will make you think of a USB flash drive. Juul comes in a variety of flavors that include crème bulee, fruit, mango, and mint.

How Juul Is Planning To Stay On Top Of The Vaping Game

Juul has enjoyed popularity in the market and has proven to be successful in marketing themselves as the best alternative there is for e-cigarettes.

However, more recently Juul is on fire as it became a target of organizations condemning the adverse effects of smoking vape and e-cigarettes, particularly among the youth. 

Due to its sleek and USB-inspired looks, Juul devices are easy to conceal and can literally be easily plugged up into a computer for heating and charging. This design has made the product very much attractive among the younger population. On top of this, Juul comes in flavors that are pretty much enticing to the youth.

Committed to staying ahead in the vaping game and remaining steadfast to its mission of providing the best vaping experience to its users, Juul has made a breakthrough in their efforts to curb the younger generation’s use of their product.

Juul has announced that moving forward their brick-and-mortar stores will only be offering three flavors - mint, tobacco, and menthol. All the rest of the flavors will exclusively be marketed on their online store with the customers having to verify first that they are over 18 years old through a unique ID match in their e-commerce platform to ensure that minors are not able to purchase their products online. The company has also decided to shut down its Facebook and Instagram social media accounts, maintaining only their Twitter account for use on non-promotional purposes. Juul has also been cooperative and compliant with law enforcement’s effort to prevent youth usage of Juul products.

Wrapping Up!

As always, Juul is dedicated to ensuring the best experience for adult smokers with options including JUUL pods, JUUL starter kits and more. Juul is designed to be convenient and an easy to use e-cigarette to provide intense satisfaction to adult smokers and make switching from cigarettes as pleasurable as possible. Juul has made it clear that they do not intend to sell their products to the youth and has vowed for responsible placement of their products to limit exposure to the underage demographics.

3rd Mar 2019 Perfect Vape

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