Flavor Ban & What You Can Do to Stay Safe?

Flavor Ban & What You Can Do to Stay Safe?

In the US, 12 people have reportedly died from lung disease due to vaping. This has prompted the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate 805 cases of lung injuries tied to vaping.

Our hearts go out to those who died, but something doesn’t add up. We’ve been vaping since 1963 and this is the first time in recorded history that anyone has died due to vaping.

Correlation does not equal causation.

What health experts and officials are overlooking is that the majority of vapers getting sick are teenagers. Consumers that are not of the legal age to purchase vapes, juice, or products.

As vape products get harder to buy for underaged consumers, the natural progression is to find it in underground markets.

Bootleg, or black market, vape juice is completely unregulated. These concoctions can contain anything from dangerous to unexpected chemicals that could leave consumers with permanently damaged lungs.

Nicotine Vape Juice is the least of our worries.

Of the incidents recorded, the majority who became sick bought black market THC cartridges.

Industry experts are saying black market manufacturers are buying empty cartridges, filling them with THC and other mixtures, packaging the product, and selling them through distributors.

Of these alternative mixtures, Vitamin E is one of the prime suspects in the investigation.

Vitamin E has the same viscosity as THC and is relatively unnoticeable to our human senses. What consumers have come to learn is that when smoked in high doses, Vitamin E causes irreversible damage to the body.

How Can You Stay safe.

There is no scientific evidence that vaping regulated products caused the death of the 12 who died, nor the other 805 cases of lung injuries.

This is a more systemic issue that is solved by educating consumers on how to stay safe when purchasing vaping products.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Only buy your vape products from reputable vendors
  • Research the brands that you are buying
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