Can You Vape On An Airplane?

If you are one among many people who like to vape when they travel, and are wondering whether you can carry your vaping device on an airplane and vape once you are seated inside it, because you know, unlike traditional cigarettes which actually burn, vaping involves electronic cigarettes which tend to be a lot less smoky, then read through this article.

The short answer is, no. You cannot vape on an airplane as that is prohibited under Federal law for both domestic and international flights.

Can You Vape And Possess E-Cigs & E-Liquid On An Airplane?

There was a bit of confusion regarding the laws governing vaping in aircraft and at airports, with different countries and airports having different rules and regulations. But more recently, a consensus seems to have been reached by almost all airliners regarding vaping and possession of e-liquids onboard aircraft.

If you are at the airport and are wondering whether you can take a quick vape, you’d need to check the airport rules first, and see if they offer any designated spots where you are free to vape to your heart’s content. It is better to check the rules first than to suffer the penalties later.

Possession Of E Liquid On An Airplane

When it comes to vaping or even possession of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids on board aircraft, you must understand why the rules are so, and what are the reasons behind them? Electronic cigarettes are not allowed in your checked baggage and must be taken in carry-on bags and pass through a security check. This implies that e-liquids must be taken in a clear, visible plastic bag, similar to other liquids which are subjected to security checks, and also implies that you cannot take a container with liquid more than the prescribed limits.

Keep in mind that once you pass through security, wrapping your e-liquid container in paper towels and placing them in a Zip-locked bag will help to prevent the e-liquid from leaking out once the flight starts. Leakage of the e-liquid happens due to the pressure changes from the plane’s increased altitude.

Carrying E-Cigs On An Airplane

Electronic cigarettes contain batteries which are made of lithium ion. Lithium-ion batteries are volatile and can catch fire easily. If the fire occurs in the cabin, it can be easily put out. But that isn’t the case if the batteries are in checked luggage - which is why you can only carry electronic cigarettes in carry-on luggage, and not in checked baggage.

You cannot vape on board the airplane, because you and a few hundred people are enclosed in a flying tube basically. Not everyone will be happy when they are forced to inhale your second-hand vapor. It doesn’t make for a very good flying experience. Also, when you vape, it looks like you’re lighting a fuse or something similar, which in today’s paranoid age, isn’t a very bright thing to do on an enclosed flight.

Alternative To Vaping On An Aircraft

If you are really concerned about your nicotine cravings peaking during that long 15-hour flight, consider getting nicotine gum or patches. These will allow you to manage your nicotine cravings while also simulatenously ensuring you do not bring harm to your surroundings, or put yourself in trouble. So, these could be your alternative options to vaping on an airplane. 

13th Aug 2018 Perfect Vape

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