Behind the Media: Part 2

As we’ve talked about in previous newsletters, vaping has taken a hard hit. In the U.S, 12 people have died and there are a reported 805 cases of lung injuries/illness.

It’s known that the culprits are black market dealers and 3rd party vendors selling vape cartridges cut with dangerous chemicals.

Earlier this month, it was discovered major Californian vape maker Kushy Punch was caught making illegal products.

What happened?

On October 3rd, the California of Consumer Affairs served a warrant to search Kushy Punch’s industrial space.

There they found an illegal cannabis product manufacturing operation. 7,200 products were seized estimated to be $21 Million in street value.

Although still under investigation, it is rumored that these black market products were untested and heavy in pesticide.

What does this mean for consumers?

A “reputable” company in the industry is offloading products into the black market. When there is one, more are likely to follow this ongoing investigation.

If you support vaping in any form, then this affects YOU. Not only does this endanger you, the consumer, by introducing unregulated products into the market, but it also puts unneeded scrutiny on the industry as a whole.

Vaping has helped many smokers nic their habit for a healthier alternative. Although vaping has many obvious benefits, public opinion is king. If kids start dying because an irresponsible company is selling unregulated products into the market, then the government will react.

What should we do?

EDUCATE YOURSELF. The key to making sure the vape industry stays healthy is by supporting companies that are responsibly manufacturing and distributing their products. This not only keeps all consumers safe, but also disincentivizes these black hat companies from selling bad product underground.

16th Oct 2019 Perfect Vape

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