EHpro Helios RDA

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The EHPro Helios RDA is a relatively simple dripping atomizer that is made for dual coil builds. It's constructed of stainless steel and is extremely solid and durable. Each side of the top cap has two airflow holes that can be adjusted just by turning the ring on the outside.

What makes the Helios unique is the positive terminal. It has two holes to thread wire through instead of just one. This makes it very easy to build dual coils because you don't have to thread two wires through one hole. The posts are adjusted with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The coil is mounted relatively high above the building deck, allowing you to use more wick than usual so you don't have to drip as often. This also reduces leaking, because the air holes are located relatively high.

The EHPro Helios is a great all-around dripper, allowing for c-style drags as well as lung hits, depending on how you adjust the airflow ring, and is very easy to build. Not to mention, it looks awesome on top of The EHPro Cronus!

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