CNT ( Contraf Nicotex Tobacco GmbH ) Pure Nicotine 1kg - 1Liter

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1000mg/ml pure CNT nicotine.  1 Liter containing 1kg nicotine.
  • The largest producer of Nicotine USP/PhEur, supplying over 85% of the world nicotine market.
  • The purest nicotine available, with the least amount of impurities/residual solvents. Our nicotine has less than 20-50 parts per million (PPM). The industry standard is 500-1,000 PPM.
  • 5 years of stability, tested on a 6-month basis.
  • 2-5 year supply of the world’s nicotine needs always kept on hand.
  • The only nicotine supplier with a Tobacco Products Master File Number (TPMF).
  • Entire extraction process is conducted under inert argon gas, which ensures that the nicotine is never exposed to oxygen, keeping the integrity of the liquid intact.
  • Superior neutral taste profile. The result of our efforts is a product with superior taste and aroma, and less of the “peppery” flavor associated with lower grade nicotine.
  • The quality of our nicotine enables you to spend less money on flavoring, because you do not have to “mask” the off taste and aroma of lower grade products.
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