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For unflavored nicotine see:Nicotine Base - NicSelect

We are offering a cost effective method of buying pre-made e-liquid at wholesale prices.

Some flavors, when used in high concentration, can cause damage to plastic tanks.  We have placed an * by these flavors, which should be vaped in pyrex tanks.

 USP Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher grade palm-derived glycerin, USP Nicotine, Natural and artificial flavoring from TFA, FW, FlavourArt and Capella

  For some flavors including Menthol, Cinnamon, and Cinnamon Heats it is recommended that a high PG solution is ordered to avoid re-crystallization.   


APPLE BOMB: Blend of Apple flavors

APPLE PIE CUSTARD: Apple Pie and Vanilla Custard

AQUA BERRY: Watermelon, Strawberry, and Blueberry blend

BAHAMA MAMA: Tropical Citrus blend

BANANA BERRY: Fruity Creamy Banana blend

BANANA CREAM PIE: Banana Cream with a Custard Pie flavor

BANANA HAMMOCK: Tropical and Banana flavors mixed with Cream


BARBARIAN: Sweet Cheesecake Tobacco Cream

BEETLEJUICE: Juicy Grape blend


BLUE DRAGON: Fruity Blueberry blend




BUSTY BLONDE: Pineapple Cherry dessert


BUTTERY NIPPLE: Butterscotch & Irish Cream

CANABERRY CRUSH: Strawberry Cantaloupe Menthol


CARAMEL CREME: Bavarian Cream and Caramel

CARIBBEAN: Coconut Pineapple Rum

CEREAL SMASH: Marshmallow Fruit Berry Cereal


CHEWY WATERMELON: Watermelon Bubble Gum


CHUNK UH DUNK: Strawberry Chocolate dessert

CINNAMON SUGAR BEAR: Gummy Cinnamon candy

CLOVE TOBACCO: Clove Cinnamon Tobacco

COBRA: Creamy Pear candy

COCONUT JOY: Chocolate & Coconut

COWBOY MENTHOL: Cowboy Tobacco & Menthol

CUPID: Banana Pineapple Citrus blend

FUNBIRTHDAYFETTI CAKE: Sweet Vanilla Cake/dessert

DRAGON’S BLOOD: Dragon Fruit & Cream

DK MENTHOL: DK Tobacco & Menthol

DRAGON’S EGGS: Dragon Fruit & Mixed Berry Blend

DRAGON WILD: Dragon Fruit, Blueberry & Assorted Fruit blend

DAIRY MAIDEN: Milky Strawberry Custard


FIRE & ICE: Cinnamon & Mint

FRANKENBERRY: Strawberry Hazelnut Cream

FRANKENSENSE: Strawberry Hazelnut

Funny Taffy: Strawberry Taffy Blend

FUNKY MONKEY: Banana mixed with Peanut Butter & Caramel

GAMBOL: Apple Custard dessert blend

GENERAL CUSTARD: Apple Pie Custard with a hint of Tobacco

GRAPE TART SLUSHIE: Sweet Grape drink

GREMELIN: Raspberry Lemon Mango mix

GLAZED AND CONFUSED: Vanilla Cake flavor

GOATS MILK: Sweet Strawberry Cream Cake

GALAXY: Sweet Vanilla Orange Cream

GOLDEN: Creamy Custard Fruit dessert

GOOD MORNING:  Pear Marshmallow Tea

 HAPPY DRAGON:  Passion and Dragon Fruity mix

HAWAIIAN RON’S: Sweet, Fruity Pina Colada Cream

 HONEY PEAR:  Sweet Pear mix

 HONEYBADGER:  Fruity Tobacco with a slight Menthol flavor

 HULK:  Candy Apple and Grape mix

 HOT WATER:  Cinnamon and Watermelon

 HONEYBEE TOBACCO:  Sweet Vanilla Tobacco

 ICY HOT:  Cinnamon and Menthol

 JAGERBOMB:  Absinthe and Energy Drink

 KARMA: Sweet Strawberry Creamy dessert



 LEMON POUND CAKE:  Sweet Lemon Vanilla Cake

 LIVEWIRE:  Mellow Dew and Orange

 LADY SMURF: Sour Blueberry Cream

 M-80: Pineapple Energy Drink

 MALIBU SUNRISE: Sweet Orange, Coconut, and Tropical Fruit blend

 MONTANA REDS: Our go-to Tobacco flavor.  Mainly a Ry4 and Cowboy/Western blend

 MELON MANIA:  Mixture of Melon flavors

 MILKY HONEY:  Dairy and Sweetness mixed together

 NEW WAVE: Ry4 and Menthol

 NIRVANA: Fruity Hazelnut and Candy mix

 ORBIT:  Sweet Fruity Bubble Gum

 ORANGE DREAMSICLE:  Creamy Orange and Vanilla

 PAVLOVA CAKE: Berry Lemon Cake

 PEARAMEL: Fruity mix of Pear and Caramel

 P.M.S.: Peach, Mango, Strawberry

 PEPPERMINT CRUSH:  Peppermint and Menthol




 PURPLE HOOTER: Raspberry and Energy Drink

 PAPA SMURF: Strawberry and Blueberry mixed with Vanilla Bean

 PINK STARBURN:  Strawberry Watermelon Candy


 RAZZLEDAZZLE SMOOTHIE: Sweet Razzleberry Drink

 RED TYPE LIGHT: Light Tobacco (Red Type) flavor

 RUM & COKE: **

 RIPTIDE: Pretty Sweet Strawberry Blueberry flavor with a hint of Menthol

 SCYTHE: Sweetened Strawberry Yogurt blend

 SEX ON THE BEACH:  Peach Citrus Berry blend

 STRIPTEASE:  Apple Citrus Berry blend

 SHARK BITE:  Sweet Raspberry with a slight Cherry blend

 SPICE JAM: Clove Cinnamon and Vanilla

 SWEET TOBACCO:  Tobacco mixed Vanilla and Sweetener

 SAPPHIRE: Blueberry Vanilla Pomegranate


 STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI:  Key Lime and Strawberry

 STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE: Sweet Strawberry Dairy mix

 STRAWBERRY SHERB: Sweet Strawberry Fruit mix

 STRAWBERRY YOYO: Creamy and Sweet Strawberry


 Strawkishi: Strawberry Kiwi mix

 SWEETIE PIE:  Sweet Fruit Dessert

 SUMMER PARTY: Fruity Lemonade

 TIGER’S BLOOD:  Strawberries & Cream, and Coconut

 TRES LECHE CAKE:  Sweet Dairy Cinnamon Cake

 TROPIC THUNDER:  Tropical Fruit blend

 Tropic Tea: Fruity Tea blend

 UNICORN (MILK): Sweet Strawberry Cheesecake Cream

 VERY BERRY: Mixed Berry blend

YELLOW YOGURT: Berry Lemonade Yogurt

 YELLOW SUBMARINE:  Sweet Berry blend Lemonade

ZOMBIE BLOOD: Sweet Gummy Strawberry with a hint of Menthol

**-Flavors used very similar to name.



All e-liquid is made ready to order.  Steeping is recommended for enhanced flavor.


Due to personal preferences/tastes we do not take refunds, returns, or exchanges on e-liquids. All purchases are final.




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131 Reviews

  • 4
    Bulk E-Liquid Good Deal

    Posted by David Tyce on 11th Jan 2019

    I vape a lot (perhaps too much), so, finding finding e-liquid at a decent price is important. Perfect Vape's price for bulk purchases is outstanding, and the quality of the juice is quite good. Well worth checking out.

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Edward Skiba on 9th Jan 2019

    good juice good delivery

  • 5
    bulk liquid

    Posted by cheryl boone on 7th Jan 2019

    fast easy ordering and delivery

  • 5

    Posted by Carrie Olson on 3rd Jan 2019

    Great value...Amazing flavors...And as always, quick delivery

  • 5
    About my service

    Posted by Patty Magner on 27th Dec 2018

    You guys are awesome whenever I put an order in and if there is something wrong with it you take care of it immediately I live in Illinois and around here they dont take care of you the way you do. One day I got on the Internet and found you and ever since then I buy only from you I have been a customer for little over a year. I'm always happy with your company it's worth waiting for 3 days to get my items so THANK YOU for taking care of me and I always recommend you if someone ask where do I order my juice.

  • 5
    Flavor & Service

    Posted by aaron piazzola on 27th Nov 2018

    I love the peach tobacco and my go to flavor is pina colada. I have ordered from perfect Vape several times and the last time I ordered one of my large bottles had been crushed in delivery and leaked out everywhere. Not a problem a new one is on the way. Thank you guys.

  • 5
    Great fruit flavors

    Posted by keri tanski on 18th Oct 2018

    PV is my go to company. Always arrives quickly, priced good and great flavors. My favorites are papa smurf & strawberry yoyo. The only flavor I've tried that I didn't care for was bubble gum. Strawberry & cream, ripe strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate, peach, cotton candy. . . all thumbs up.

  • 3

    Posted by Chris Selix on 22nd Sep 2018

    Maybe it's just me. RY4 is my normal all day vape. I just don't think what I got is right though. Honestly it tastes like there's some menthol in it to me and the overall flavor is lacking. Maybe it'll get a bit better after steeping some more, but so far I'm not feeling terribly impressed. To be fair, I did have to fast steep some as I ran out of juice. Maybe I just didn't do enough, but I had to go get some stuff from my local shop cuz I just don't care for it and can't vape it for long. Probably just me. I love your store overall. Just didn't care much for the RY4 I got.

  • 5
    Beetlejuice,pms,cotton candy ,salt nic

    Posted by matt turner on 10th Sep 2018

    Best place to get juice

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