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Bulk E-Liquid (Ready to Vape) now with FREE GROUND SHIPPING

1.00 LBS
Free Shipping

Product Description

We are offering a cost effective method of buying pre-made e-liquid at wholesale prices.

Some flavors, when used in high concentration, can cause damage to plastic tanks.  We have placed an * by these flavors, which should be vaped in pyrex tanks.

 USP Propylene Glycol, USP Kosher grade palm-derived glycerin, NicSelect Nicotine, Natural and artificial flavoring from TFA, FW, FlavourArt and Capella


Banana Hammock:  Banana, Coconut, Lemon

Barbarian:  Sweet Tob.

Busty Blonde:  Vanilla custard swirled with pineapple

Cinnamint Crush:  Menthol Cinnamon

Comet:  Fruit blend

Cobra:  Fruit candy

Cupid:  Fruit blend

Dragon's Eggs:  Fruit blend

Dragon Fury:  Dragon Fruit Melon blend

Flamingo:  Fruit blend

Frank 'n Barry:  Vanilla berry cereal blend

Fruit Chick:  Fruit candy

Funky Monkey: Banana blend

Funny Taffy:  strawberry taffy candy

Galaxy:  Orange ice cream

Gambol:  Dessert blend

General Custard:  Tob. custard blend

Golden:  Fruit & cream

Good Morning:  Floral fruit blend

Gremelin:  Fruit blend

Happy Dragon:  Fruit blend

Hulk:  Fruit candy

Joker:  Sour Candy

Karma:  Dessert blend

Milky Honey:  Dessert blend

Montana Reds:  Smooth Cig

Nirvana:  Fruit candy

Papa Smurf:  Vanilla berry blend

Purple Hooter:  Raspberry cola

Riptide:  Sweet berry crush

Sapphire:  Vanilla berry blend

Scythe:  Strawberry yogurt

Shark Bite:  Berry blend

Spice Jam:  Synergistic spices blend (cinnamon, vanillin notes)

Strawberry Sherb:  Creamy strawberry sherbet

StripTease:  Fruit blend

Summer Party:  Creamsicle lemonade with melon

Sunlight:  Fruit cream blend

Sweetie Pie:  Cereal Dessert

Tangello:  Orange Candy

Tiger's Blood:  Berry candy

Topless Beach:  Fruit blend

Zombie Blood:  Berry candy



All e-liquid is made ready to order.  Steeping is recommended for enhanced flavor.


Due to personal preferences/tastes we do not take refunds, returns, or exchanges on e-liquids. All purchases are final.




Warranty Information

This product does not carry a warranty.

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Product Reviews

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  1. fast shipping and good flavor

    Posted by Carl from Texas on 12th May 2017

    I got the Galaxy flavor which is supposed to be orange ice cream. Tastes more like an off brand orange sucker with a hint of vanilla. It has a good taste just was expecting an orange push pop flavor. Overall happy experience once again.

  2. Coumarin Pipe Tobacco

    Posted by Paul on 17th Mar 2017

    Just got this today! Cleaned up my Kanger Protank 3 right away excited as I was. I can say It's very good from the few puffs I've taken already. I used to be a pipe smoker and I always wanted to try pipe tobacco e juice. I can taste my old pipe tobacco captured in this sweet tasting vape. Not too sweet with nice hints of pipe tobacco aroma. This is very good guys. Don't know how you do it but keep it up. Keeps me coming back for more and no choking like my old pipe smoking days. That's a big plus. Gandalf himself might even like this one.

  3. sweet!!

    Posted by Misty Cole on 1st Dec 2016

    So I ordered the papaya once again because it was just so good!! And this time shipping was cut in half!! Got to love that right!! Best company out for bulk ejuice!! Shipping is fast ejuice is amazing. I always go extra flavor but that's me I love a strong flavor.. will keep ordering and I suggest you do the same.. price and quality are unbeatable.

  4. great flavor great juices!

    Posted by Misty Cole on 10th Oct 2016

    Flavor on these juices are amazing right out of the bottle! Just gets better overtime while steeping! All around great juices.. flavor clouds quality! Waiting for my papaya hoping it's on point have only found one papaya juice in store and was amazing! Juicy pear and rainbow candy were great!! Will get again! Add extra flavor if really looking for that flavor won't be disappointed! Only complaint is shipping! Takes a little time but it's also free so that is a plus. Just sucks when you order something from China and it gets here a day after juice that came from the states.. but it's free like I said so that's a win just wish it was more like 3-5 days then a week

  5. very clean tasting e juice

    Posted by Troy on 7th Oct 2016

    I ordered a 8 ounce bottle of 80 vg/ 20 PG of pomegranate it is so good tasting and clean Vapes really good in my vaporizer will definitely order again

  6. Unicorn Milk *Tastes like a strawberry milkshake*

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Sep 2016

    I've never tried the original Unicorn Milk from Cuttwood. I would imagine this is every bit as good from the taste and aroma that lingers in the air. Everyone has said it tastes like a strawberry milkshake. That is pretty spot on with this juice. It is just so tasty. I love my strawberry vapes anyway and this one is the best I've ever had. Thanks again guys for the awesome flavors. This will definitely be my go too strawberry when I need more. Went with an 8 ounce bottle this time and was very excited when it arrived in my mailbox.

  7. Apple e juice. the best ive ever tried!!

    Posted by adrian medina on 29th Aug 2016

    I got the apple e juice in a 32 oz bottle, I thought it was a little big but the deal was unbeatable and I now Vape more often as the e juice is so much more satisfying. I've been recently going to crappy smoke shops and Vape shops and never really find a good flavor. Also tried DIY e juice to no avail (too many mixes mad it all brown and nasty), so I decided to go as simple as possible with the flavoring and I am very satisfied with perfect Vape. I called and they said that they do not use any chemicals called "diatones" that's diacetyl, AP and acetoin or w/e they call it lol. They said only the vanilla custard does and that's because people asked for it. So your safe vaping from these guys, and I definitely recommend it as their flavors are top notch and mixed perfectly. Really glad to have found these guys and will continue to do business with them for years to come as I found my all day Vape finally after 4 years of testing lol. Who would have thought it would be the simplest apple flavor. I got 70vg/30pg mix and despite hearing that they messed up someone's mix putting it backwards (which idk how they checked lol) they definitely came thru and got me the correct mix. So I put trust in these guys and I know the buyer that posted that blog post was wrong in some way because these guys sound like they know their stuff with the amount of explaination they gave me about how safe the flavors are :)

  8. Cloud 9

    Posted by Christina Furino on 29th Aug 2016

    I've tried quite a few flavors now and so far I'd say Cloud 9 was my favorite. It's a nice fruit flavor but I can't quite put my finger on it. Perfect Vape provides great product at an affordable rate. Also, their customer service is well appreciated. Purchased a bottle that spilled all over during shipping and they're sending a new one. Happy customer means regular customer!

  9. Spearmint

    Posted by Jake on 24th Aug 2016

    As an almost exlusively menthol vaper, I'm always on the lookout for alternatives within the menthol flavor profile. I tend to like a sweeter, icy-throat-hit flavor similar to Dentyne Ice gum, for example. While PerfectVape's Extreme Ice is, bar none, the best e-liquid I've ever come across, Spearmint was really disappointing for me. I was hoping for a likeness to Wrigley's Spearmint gum, and don't get me wrong, the aroma is very similar. However, the taste was just... off, at least to me. There was a bitter, earthy/herbal flavor to this e-liquid, and it consistently left an off-putting, sharp aftertaste.

    I love PerfectVape and their wide variety of affordable, high-quality e-liquids, but I had buyer's remorse with this one. Maybe I misunderstood when ordering this flavor, but I was expecting more menthol. It smells like Spearmint gum straight out of the bottle. However, when I vaped it, it tasted like a spearmint-flavored hand sanitizer that accidentally got in my mouth. I'm sure someone will enjoy it, it just won't be me, unfortunately.

  10. Extreme Ice

    Posted by Jake on 24th Aug 2016

    I was never really a menthol smoker back when I was addicted to the cancer sticks, but vaping has turned me into a menthol man. I'm always looking for the icy throat hit, while still maintaining the sweetness of a minty gum. I like to alternate with a few different flavors, but I get burned out/nearly sick after vaping on one flavor for too long. This is not the case with this flavor. It is my 'All Day Vape,' and it is the flavor that I must always have in stock. Put quite simply, Extreme Ice is everything I look for in an e-liquid/juice.

    The customer service at PerfectVape is outstanding, and though I've always chosen the 'Free Shipping' option, I've never had to wait more than a couple of days to receive my shipment. I'm so grateful that this company allows the public to buy in bulk at wholesale prices. This amount, bought here on this site for $15.99, goes for $50-$60+ at my local shop. PerfectVape allows the consumer to save his/her hard-earned money while not sacrificing flavor or quality.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 114 | Next

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