Space Jam 30ML (High VG)

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Meteor Milk

This Perfect Blend of Natual and Artificial Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Syrup and Strawberry Flavorings Will Take You to New Meteoric Heights

Particle X

Natural and Artificial Blue Raspberry Spun Sugar Flavor


Now in High VG… In the swirling vortex of space dust wonder, Pluto takes its flavor blending to the delightfully fused extreme. With initial hints of dazzling watermelon, fall ripened cantaloupe and fresh honeydew; this flavor is essential for the melon-loving space cadet. If the introductory cascade of melon rage isn’t enough to launch Pluto to the top, it packs its last punch on the sugary bubble gum finish and light tinge of mint. Pluto is ideal for the ever-curious taste buds of those who find beauty in chaos.


Entranced with the fragrance of an autumn’s-eve apple cider, Astro evokes a subtly sly flavor of blended fruit waiting for collision. Astro initially makes contact with its lush orchard apples before capping off the experience with a wild strawberry exhale. The dazzling galactic collision of crisply tart apple and soft strawberry are enough to make any voyager take another flavor-fused orbit.


A refreshing smoothie perfectly blended with ripe mangoes, tangy oranges and a hint of cream, that will take you on an exhilarating getaway to an undiscovered tropical planet.


With its riveting fusion of wild cherry and ripe freshly pressed limes, Pulsar makes for a perfectly balanced Summer afternoon. Shades on, feet up and you’re off to another planet.


As the founding flavor of the Space Jam fleet, Andromeda continues to pack a nebula-laced punch that has flourished from galactic cradle to the modern age. Offering a compelling fusion of wild blueberry bliss and a pleasantly tangy pomegranate spray, Andromeda centers on the subtle yet flavorful spin on the classic mixed berry breed. Andromeda promises to keep its berry-core blazing into the next millennium and beyond.


While most tobacco flavors fail to compare with their real life doubles, Eclipse is able to achieve its namesake by blotting out the frequently dismal attempts of creating an authentic yet robust flavor. Equipped with an advanced formation of sweet Cavendish tobacco, Eclipse is able to solve the tobacco dilemma with universal results. The caramelized fling of sweet tobacco, laced with an astounding vanilla bean mix is enough to please even the most veteran of taste buds.


With its classy vibes and upper-echelon dreams, Galactica offers the coveted combination of fragrant fruits and champagne pleasantry. Its uniquely balanced core of plush strawberries delivers the key ingredients required for an afternoon stroll through the Milky Way. Galactica throttles its exhale thrusters, displaying mild champagne notes before dissipating back into its freshly ripened strawberry tones.

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