Wholesale Account/Sales Department



Our sales team's goal is to provide your vape shop with the best products at the best deals! Here at Perfect Vape, you'll get a designated sales rep that's quick to contact for any of your needs. 

We want your business to strive and our sales reps understand the hardship you may face through it. Let us take care of your vaping supplies so you can better focus on business. 

Why make an order through our sales rep?

Each sales rep will personally take and oversee your orders. We'll get you some great deals on bulk product purchases along with providing you with sales knowledge on the latest and best selling products in the industry.

Contact our awesome sales reps that's assigned to your state to get access to our wholesale prices on our site!

(A copy of sales tax ID is required. Please send it through email to your designated sales rep in your state)

(405) 200-1277


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